Sea Demon

A horrid, gray creature, the Sea Demon dwells most commonly in salt water areas, mostly spotted in the Pacific Ocean. Note that the Sea Demon is not actually a demon, but rather is simply called a Sea Demon due t* o many reports stating that they appeared to be ‘demonic’ and rising out of the sea. A gray, soft but deceivingly durable humanoid creature, is is thin and around 5" tall, they often attack in groups, using their poisonous spray to blind and weaken prey they are hunting.

A Sea Demon’s toolkit is mostly its savage, long claws it uses to tear apart their prey, and their poison spray from the mouth, originating from sacs within their mouths, which can ‘open’ their cheeks, revealing the sacs which would then spray forward the acidic, poisonous spray. It is noted to spread much quicker and become more in acidic in humid environments, and spreads immensely within water. A few reports from experienced hunters state that some Sea Demons show psionic capabilities, by overloading a prey’s mind with psionic energies, allowing them to hunt and take down their prey rapidly and easily.


  • Long, raking claws make for a dangerous melee weapon.
  • A poison spray from the mouth can blind and eat at a hunter’s equipment.
  • Thin creatures, allowing them to fit through small spaces.
  • Sometimes show psionic capabilities, which can make Sea Demon packs very dangerous.


  • Their poison sacs held within their cheeks are vulnerable and can be destroyed to greatly weaken a Sea Demon, as the acidic poison will spill into their mouth and body, harming them.
  • A Sea Demon that is without water or in an arid environment for extended periods of time will rapidly dry out and die.
  • Acid can rapidly eat at their bodies, and those who are not psionic are very weak-willed, leaving them vulnerable to psychic attacks.

Gear to Bring:

  • Ranged weaponry: Preferably accurate, so you can puncture their poison sacs without being attacked by their claws.
  • Acid or poison does well against their bodies.
  • If forced into melee combat, armor can help you withstand their claws and prevent their spray from harming you too much.

Sea Demon

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