The World Never Ends

The Case of the Sea Demons

And their Attempt to Flood the World

Gavin, Rodrigo, and Matthew are sent out to the Island of California, in an attempt investigate strange ongoings in the area. Very soon they discover and odd, magical forest, and fight off a few Sea Demons. They discover an underground cave, moving through a pitch-black, booby-trapped cave, before finding the ritual room of the Sea Demons. They perform a death-defying escape, and return to the town only to discover all the towns people bewitched by the Sea Demons, and their agency about to bomb the entirety of the Island of California.

They hijack one of the planes, and decide not to bomb that particular area of California, and fly over to their secret Haven in Hawaii. California sinks beneath the waves due to the Sea Demon’s ritual remaining uninterrupted. They are now wanted by their Agency, and hide in their secret Haven, planning for the times ahead.


Coldmarrow Coldmarrow

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