Monstrous creatures, they are former humans transformed into something else. Humanoid, around 6" tall, and sometimes covered in fur, these once-human creatures have the violent and disturbing urge to eat human flesh. Once transformed into a Wendigo, a human rarely retains their past memories, rather relying on animal instincts and intelligence to find and eat the nearest human. Very strong and dexterous, hunters can find fighting these monsters very difficult. Lore on Wendigos from ancient tradition and spoken word say that a human can transform into a Wendigo in a matter if days if bitten by a Wendigo, or if a human hears the violent screams of a Wendigo.

Although rarely spotted, some hunters say this isn’t true, after their encounters with the cannibalistic Wendigos, but a scientific experiment has not been performed and we are unsure whether their claim is true. Some reports state sightings of a human actively transform into a Wendigo and back, and whether they are able to transform or not is unknown. This does, however, have worrying consequences, as Wendigos may be able to fool a Hunter by becoming a bystander, and later attacking them when they are most vulnerable. Wendigos are dangerous creatures and it is recommended not to face one alone, even as a highly skilled hunter.


  • Very strong
  • Durable
  • Fast-moving
  • Somewhat dexterous
  • Sharp senses, especially for meat or blood.


  • Fire can slow down a Wendigo
  • Traps and bait work very well on a Wendigo, which can be easily distracted by meat
  • The only way of killing a Wendigo is just brute force and killing power while holding it down with some sort of trap.

Gear to Bring:

  • Fire of some sort: Flamethrowers, molotovs, anything like that works.
  • Traps or sedation, useful for keeping the Wendigo down.
  • Long-range scouting capabilities: You don’t want the Wendigo to ambush you, bring some scouting technology to scout the area before you enter it.
  • Meat, to lure the Wendigo. Keep it sealed before you place it in the trap.


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