A man ready to save the world... if it means he can find his father


The Wronged
They took my loved ones. Back when I wasn’t strong enough to fight, but I studied, trained, and now I’m ready to get them back.

The Ruin Runner
I’m on the hunt for something I’ve lost; taken from me actually. I intend to search the edges of the earth to find it.



A genetically enhanced human who escaped from the control of his cloning facility at the age of 24. Since then he has been trying to help others in need while solving the mystery of who he is and why he was given these abilities.

All he can remember is that his “father” was taken away from him after he completed his military training many years back. Since then he has been trying to understand just why he has enhanced human capabilities, why he was trained in every form of M.M.A. and given specific military training, and, above all, who took his father.

His quest for answers eventually brought him to the organization. Here he was able to put his abilities to use and save others while looking for clues to his father’s whereabouts. Given his previous training and advanced augmentation, he rose quickly through the ranks and joined the team he works with today.

With no knowledge of who he was before he joined the organization, he operates under an alias he heard them refer to him as in the facility: Hitman.


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